Hashtag Games: A Great Time

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Everyone loves social media (well maybe not all of you, but enough of you!), but one of the most common complaints is “I don’t know what to post!”


Sure, you can post about that amazing bowl of oatmeal you just ate. Who doesn’t want to tap into your hands-on knowledge that ‘raisins, not the brown sugar, really make the oatmeal *a meal*!’


But after you’ve posted about your oatmeal, now what? It’s 3-4 hours before you eat again. You can’t wait that long to engage with your friends and followers.


This is where Hashtag Games come into play.


Hashtag games are the greatest things you probably didn’t even realize are ‘a thing.’


Hashtag games are live events that take place on Twitter, created by individuals who want to share their hashtag with the world. People drop their hashtags on Twitter and the fun begins!


Think of the hashtag as the premise/topic. It is a call to action, and a challenge to add your creative idea to that hashtag. Hashtag games generate 1,000s of tweets (sometimes 10’s of thousands) focused on that topic.


It’s an amazing experience. The beautiful part is you don’t need to have a huge following to get tons of retweets and favorites. Players of the game search the hashtag to keep up with the funny and thus you’re exposed to a whole community of people playing the same game as you.


What Do I Need to Play?

1. Twitter Account
2. Imagination
3. Fast Fingers


How do I recognize it’s a hashtag game and not just¬†someone using any old hashtag?

A hashtag for a hashtag game is generally structured to evoke any number of responses.


Generally a hashtag game can be identified if it has any of these elements:

1. #AddaLetter
2. #RuinA
3. #MakeA
4. #ReplaceA…With…
5. #SomethingInXWords


However it can also be a challenge such as:
1. #EpisodeVIIITitles
2. #ScaryVacationStories
3. #LifeLessonsIn5Words


The beauty of the premise and the tag is that you can interpret it however you wish. You could have shared an actual experience, or as @robind1208 did above she pulled in a popular cultural reference for her tweet.


There are no winners or losers in Hashtag Games. Your tweets should aspire to be funny and clever. The competitive nature of the game is to see how many Retweets or Favorites you can get during the game. There are lists created by sites such as this one and absrdCOMEDY.com that showcase a select list of favorites.


The general idea of any hashtag game is to laugh and have fun, however there is a GREAT chance if you play hashtag games your tweet will end up in a major publication.


Checkout hashtag games, they are so much fun to play and I guarantee you’ll be making excuses to sneak away to the bathroom just so you can send that perfect tweet during work hours.