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You’re hilarious and people should know that!

Do you feel like sometimes you’re tweeting to no-one? Get the inside track and tweet along with the hottest hashtags before they are even trend! (Get started by downloading our free app for IOS and Android – Did we mention we were picked as a Top Word Game To Play 2020?)

What is a Hashtag Game?

A fun Twitter game focused on a specific hashtag that will challenge you creatively. Tweet w/the hashtag. Retweet/like others. REPEAT!

Hashtag Game Examples

Some fun examples include: #MyBumperStickerSays or #UnlikelyBoardGameRules or #CelebrityProducts (sometimes we get punny).

Tweet Along With A Community

Tweeting with the same fun hashtag at the same time with 1,000s of others will raise the visibility of your tweets. Enjoy more retweets and likes all organically!

Your Social Game Is About To Go Through The Roof!

Plan all of your bathroom breaks around our hashtag games! (Download our free app for IOS and Android)

New Games All Day/Everyday

You’ll receive a notification when a new game starts. Everyone plays at the same time and everyone plays together! Warning: It’s super fun AND super addictive!

Support Groups Are Available

Once you become addicted to the fun and all the retweets/likes you’ll need to talk to someone. Our DM is always open.

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