Retired Features

Hashtag Roundup   •   October 20, 2016   •   0 Comment

Our goal with Hashtag Roundup 2.0 was to streamline the feature set and focus on the hashtag gaming experience solely.

Moving forward the following features will no longer be a part of Hashtag Roundup:

The overall concept of points in general has been removed completely from Hashtag Roundup.

All point related features have been removed accordingly including:

Loved and hated equally we have decided to no longer include a ranking as an element of Hashtag Roundup hashtags.

Levels and Golden Hashtags
With the removal of points we have also removed Levels and all in-app purchases. This means Golden Hashtags have officially been retired.

Terms and Conditions
You no longer have to accept terms and conditions to access the Hashtag Roundup app

We have both changed and improved your actual tweeting experience. You no longer Tweet directly from the Hashtag Roundup App.

There were technical challenges keeping up with the changing technology Twitter offered. Likes became hearts, GIFs became standard in the Twitter interface, etc.

The new experience is streamlined:
1) Copy the hashtag from Hashtag Roundup and 2) Open the actual Twitter app and Tweet directly from Twitter. (Of course you can toggle to any app that you use for Tweeting)